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E-Commerce Online Marketing
As a fast growing performance marketing agency, we have achieved remarkable results for our clients from the ecommerce space. We have successfully executed multiple diverse ecommerce projects across the globe & hence online marketing of ecommerce platforms is our core strength & competitive advantage.

Let’s understand our basic approach towards ecommerce digital marketing.These are the main steps we carry out when we execute an ecommerce project.

Detailed Audit of your ecommerce website
We find all areas of improvements in terms of UI/UX & Technical seo in order to make the website more user-friendly & to avoid any crawling or indexing problems in the future. Detailed CRO Audit of the existing online store. Implement all changes required to make the website a best version of itself & maximize the overall performance.

SEO Audit
We do a detailed audit of technical SEO, On page SEO & Off page SEO, listing out all the gaps & issues to be removed and resolved on priority. Our goal is to provide Efficient SEO Services, to boost the quantity and quality of traffic to your website and ensure that it brings revenue. SEO improves the online visibility of a website or a web page in an online search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as ‘organic’ results. SEO is a helpful skill to keep in your arsenal to push your business by augmenting the visibility of your virtual shop. As a leading SEO company in Bangalore, we are capable of outranking your competitors for relevant search queries.

Accounts Setup
Setting all accounts correctly so that all types of data gets tracked & captured properly. Syncing the accounts so that they communicate correctly with each other. Detailed audit & correction of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Search Console, Email Automation & more.

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Content Marketing audit
Assessment of content published so far & its performance. Analyzing the theme & structure of content & the intent. Content analysis in forms of target audience, price points, competitors & alignment with the customer acquisition strategy. Redefining the content calendar to leverage the content space to its maximum.

Social Media Audit & Correction
Using the power of social media, we can assist your brand to compete with other businesses including the big players in your industry. For early-stage companies, it is essential to create a buzz about their brand. We seamlessly work as your partner in creating an active online presence through strategic social media calendar planning, social media content strategy, implementation and monitoring.

Shopping Ad Campaigns
DigitalCrafts will work with you to decide what combination of tools & strategy will best suit you. Our Shopping campaigns will give an immediate boost to your sales, but without proper understanding, it can cost you a lot with only a small ROI. We’ll make sure that your ad budget is spent where you’ll get the biggest return, driving both traffic and leads. As a veteran Google product listing ads agency, DigitalCrafts can help put this versatile online marketplace to work for your business. We’ll help sell your products by developing and executing strategy-driven campaigns that are optimized to increase conversions while driving down your cost per conversion.

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Email campaigns
We will design and execute various email campaigns aligned with the funnel strategy for possible conversion. A robust integrated paid and organic Digital Marketing process will enable a successful result-oriented strategy.

ORM strategies for Ecommerce
ORM acts as a positive catalyst in the buyer's decision-making process and we leverage ORM strategies in favor of our projects so that conversion rate is higher than our competitors. We ensure that Brand Equity gets a lift with our continuous ORM efforts and prospective customers always give our project an upper hand among our competitors while making a purchase decision.

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