How Remarketing Campaigns is useful for Startups?

15th Dec. 2020

Remarketing is a smart and effective way to connect with your website visitors. Remarketing Campaigns in digital marketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of an audience who has visited your website before while browsing the internet. Many people have questions about what remarketing is. Remarketing involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on your site or who have expressed interest in your products. It provides a way to re-engage customers who may have browsed pages on your site, but haven't followed up on a conversion.

And by that, it doesn't necessarily mean a "sale" on your end. The conversion may mean that he didn't leave his email, didn't contact your phone number, or didn't subscribe to your list, follow you on social networks, complete a survey form etc. It should be noted that 70 to 96% of users visit a website only to leave without taking action. As a Digital marketer, you need to utilize this opportunity of the interest shown in your brand and convince them to come back using remarketing campaign strategy.

Remarketing is a smart and effective way to connect with your website visitors who may not have made to ‘Buy Now’. Remarketing in digital marketing allows you to position targeted ads in front of an audience of users who have visited your website before while browsing the internet. A remarketing set up will allow you to track pages on your website. This will allow you to identify customers who spent time on these pages without converting on their first visit. For example, many brands will track their cart pages, so they can target those who abandon their cart.

Once you've identified the targets, you can then display specialized ads that promote products you've already viewed. These ads will therefore be highly personalized and promote items that people have already shown an interest in, which will increase their relevance.

Reasons how remarketing is actually helpful for start-ups or small businesses


Higher Conversion Rates

Regardless of the industry, the goal of online advertising is to gain some form of user interaction, whether that is a form submission, upload, download or online sales. Remarketing allows you to show your banner ads to visitors even when they are browsing other parts of the web, making your exposure 10 times that of your competition. Ultimately, increasing trust and making users more likely to buy from you.

Brand Awareness

Even if the user is not in a position where they are currently looking to purchase a product or contact your business for a service, remarketing ads are great for brand awareness. Showing multiple ads to a user who is currently only researching your industry makes them more likely to remember your business when they're ready to buy later. Additionally, your ads may appear on the websites of certain large companies, including YouTube. This promotes an image of trust and reputation for your business, even if conversions don't happen right away.

Reduced cost per click

Remarketing is one of the most profitable advertising campaigns available to online advertisers. Since lowering costs is always beneficial for small businesses and startups, we highly recommend it from a cost perspective. Generally speaking, remarketing campaigns have higher click-through rates than traditional display advertising campaigns because the people you are targeting already know about your product or services, therefore, much more chance to click on your ad.

Greater Opportunity to Reach Your Audience


There are over 2 million websites outside of the Google Display Network, which reaches over 90% of internet users. Google Display Networks give you the ability to reach a large number of users who can help you achieve all of your business goals. For Google, the standard CTR on a display ad is 0.35%, so for every 1,000 people who see an advertisement, 3.5 users click. But some companies see much higher!

Call to action (CTC)

When users visit your website for the first time, a conversion may not happen the first time. Remarketing is a great tool that lets you post another call to action such as “call now” or “learn more” that can help bring the user back to your site. This can then take you from a small business to a growing business.

Site Selection

A handy tool that remarketing offers is the ability to check which websites are performing the best in terms of click-through rates and conversions. Remarketing allows you to stop showing your ads on websites that are not performing well or are not relevant to your business and can help you improve your ROI.


In order for your business to truly benefit from a remarketing campaign, it's important to measure and track your campaigns through AdWords and Google Analytics. These platforms provide powerful information about which ads are working well and which are not. It can help you get the best conversion rates, whatever they are.


Final thought

As a business or startup, if you're looking to get more leads, increase sales, signups, or just increase brand awareness, Our PPC services inclusive of Remarketing strategies can prove to be a smart option. From implementation to optimization, our team of experts is on hand to set up your remarketing campaigns and answer all your questions. Before you spend a dime on remarketing, you need to have the right analytics tools in place and collect some basic data. You need to know how your website works. If you already have an existing ads account, our team will start with a PPC audit. We’ll review what you’ve done in the past and give you actionable recommendations for improving your performance. Contact us today for more information email [email protected]