How to optimize SEO on Shopify: 2022 Guide to becoming a Shopify SEO Expert

3rd March 2022

Shopify optimization makes one of the fundamental features of Shopify SEO alongside Shopify for search.
WordPress optimization and Shopify SEO seem to bear several similarities with each other. Though, a few traits are there for distinguishing between the both.

Shopify, unlike Google, upholds consideration of the duplicate contents in circulation on the web through various websites. WordPress optimization does not have the feature to detect duplicity in the content on one's website.


The strategies to ace Shopify SEO optimization are as follows.

Seven Hacks For Top-notch Shopify SEO Optimization

1. Steps of keyword research for Shopify
Keywords make the supporting agents of SEO optimization pull the traffic.
Every e-commerce entrepreneur must run extensive keyword research before typing out their ideas.
Those hoarding chunks of keywords sporadically all over a content page do not have the right skills.
Choice of the right keywords makes all the difference. Resort to a narrower niche first. Opting for a big umbrella niche does not work. While conducting SEO campaigns for pets, the CBD niche would do well.
After locating the niche as per your preference, look for appropriate keywords in a similar niche domain.
Platforms like Amazon autosuggest or Google enable the optimizers to land appropriate keywords in the content.
For instance, if one is supposed to run marketing campaigns on dairy products, one needs to type it on the Google search engine. The respective keywords for the same will show up gradually.
Amazon also lets one know about these relevant keywords.
The target audience will get to the relevant products by searching the relatable keywords.
But Google and Amazon Suggest are rudimentary keywords searching tools. One cannot get the search volume data and keyword difficulties ensuing from these keywords on Google or Amazon Suggest.
Hence, the new invention of keyword research brings the Google keyword planner and Ahref. These applications may lay out an elaborate list of relevant keywords.
With monthly search numbers showing up on these apps, you can opt for the most frequently used keywords by the audience.


2.Employment of keywords within the content layout
The optimizer must focus on the target keywords. It will help the audience get the content at the snap of a click, following the relevant keywords searching on the web.
Where to employ these keywords?
Well, Content pages and product descriptions must include these keywords. Start the page title with catchy keywords.
The Meta description content must incorporate the other related keywords. Image Alt texts also include needed keywords.
When one infuses a keyword like "best multifunction printer" into the page title, the target audience will get to the page searching this keyword.
On Shopify, first, sign up and tap on the page link. Then, add information in the given format.
After adding keywords to the content title, go for the page description keywords emplotment. While inserting the page content in the description box, don't forget to add the necessary keywords.


3.Betterment of website navigation
The navigation factor of an online website fetches a high Google rank for it.
Hustle-free navigation features increase audience engagement with lesser bounce probabilities.
With more engagement of users, backed up by navigation features, one's Shopify rank gets improved over time.
The product pages should not take much longer to reach from home pages on a website.
One must ensure that the homepage gets linked to the product descriptions within three hyperlinks right from the homepage.
It should be easy navigation from home to products through product categories. The page title must be relevant to the page contents and products. One must infuse anchor texts linking to the internal website pages for making hustle-free navigation.


4.Insertion of Backlinks
High-level backlinks insertion adds value to your Shopify website that raises the website rank.
Backlinks connect one's website from another website using a hyperlink. A backlink from a popular website improves the value of a website.
Are you trying to formulate valuable backlinks?
Then, consider high authority websites for publishing meaningful guest posts. It automatically generates backlinks for the optimizer.
One may also contact helpful content makers for product reviews. Review websites work wonders for it.
Ask for backlinks from the respective manufacturers.
Content that carries insightful meanings with high shareability also helps get you backlinks.

5. Hone up website speed
The product images often take much longer to load on websites. Compress their sizes to get rid of slow loading.
Upload pictures in jpeg formats for quick loading on the website.
The theme of the website must not weigh the navigation speed.
Accelerated Mobile Pages technology ensures fast speed to the website.
A website must not install a chunk of unnecessary apps. Reducing their numbers would do well for speeding up website navigation.


6. Blog quality
Blog quality impacts the visibility rate of a website on Google. Hence, focus on quality content.
On Shopify, one may come across the out-of-the-box blogging option. Clicking on the online store, you reach out to blog posts.
Content creation must employ the target keywords for better visibility on the web. Include relevant keywords and numbers to the title of the blogs.
Do not publish irrelevant blog topics on your niche website. It confuses the viewers regarding what the webpage stands for.

7. Opt for the best SEO optimizing applications
For WordPress website optimization, the Yoast SEO app does the job.
But it is not compatible to work for Shopify webpages.
Shopify offers plenty of SEO optimizing applications on the Shopify app store. But they do not provide free-of-cost services. One may get limited period free offer plans on these applications.
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