How Google Shopping Ads Can Benefit Your Ecommerce Business

17th June 2021

Google Shopping Ads have become a steady and important part of a successful eCommerce marketing business. Google Ads have proven to be more consistent and effective than the traditional PPC Google text ads. Businesses of all sizes take notes! In the first quarter of the year 2018, a percentage of 76.4% of retail search ad spending was directed to Google Shopping Ads.

Over the last few years, Google Shopping Ads have evolved into a tremendous profitable marketing channel for many businesses. Google's updates have completely altered the paid marketing aspect. Over time Google has transformed from a voluntary sales tactic to a must-have ad format for eCommerce businesses around the world today.

Google Shopping ads mean a lot of growth and exposure for an eCommerce business. For many sellers, Google Shopping Ads are the key to driving brand awareness and exceed competitors. If you still are on the fence about whether you should consider using Google Shopping Ads or if it is right for your business, then go on to read about How Google Shopping ads can benefit your Ecommerce Business.

1. Put your products and brand in the Google Shopping spotlight.

Whether you own a small or big business or you are just starting out, appearing at the top of the search engine's result page helps to drive consumers to purchase your products. Customers do not need to be familiar with your brand or business to buy your products. Your products will appear based on the user's search keywords whenever Google matches them.


Google Shopping Ads ensure that your products will appear above all the organic search results, which makes your brand get easy and effective online visibility. The reason why these ads are so good is that it matches your prospective customers as all your products are down to the shopper based on the shopper's keywords. This means your product is shown to the consumers who are already interested in the products you sell.

2. Your Google Shopping Ads will perform better than your text-based ads.

Merchants are allocating their marketing budget more and more toward Google Shopping Ads over text ads and here's why. A consumer who purchases your high-image featured Google Shopping Ad is showing a purchase interest and it comes as no surprise that ads have a higher conversion rate. Research shows that Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates and have 23% lower CPC (cost-per-click) than a text ad.

Having a better ROI is always an advantage in business when it comes to marketing and advertising. These often have very uncertain results. Google Shopping Ads have a higher ROI as every dollar you spend is focused on showing it to the right customer. If a shopper isn't looking for your product, then your ad will not be shown. It is as simple as that. Google Shopping Ads are far more effective than text ads between the high conversion rate and better targeting. The other features like product images, ratings, and reviews make it way more attractive to click on too.

3. Get better ROI from Shopping Ads.


As you share relevant information to customers, shopping ads will help you increase the quality of your leads. Shoppers are always looking to make an informed decision to purchase a product and when they see a visually appealing, information-rich ad, they will tend to land on your product page with a high intent to make a purchase. In a recent retail advertising report, advertising performance agency Merkle found that Google Shopping's click-through share on Google search ads reached a record 63%. This means that shoppers were almost 2X as likely to click on Google Shopping ads as compared to text ads on the search results page.

The shopping ad makes the customer already familiar with your product before they arrive on your website. The ad consists of your product image, name, price, your brand name, and ratings. Even a shopper who doesn't recognize your brand name will likely click on your ad based on your image, ratings, and price. After the customer clicks on the ad, it will directly bring them to the product page. Now since they already knew what to expect, they are less likely to bounce back. This is the perfect and right time to entice the shopper to explore your store more and become a repeated customer. You can do this with compelling designs, offer discounts, and other attention-seeking methods.

4. Google Shopping is a lot easier to manage.

Google text ads require the advertisers to select keywords they want to target first and bid on them. Google shopping ads are way simpler and eliminate the keyword process entirely. Instead of bidding on your keywords for text ads, Google decides what keywords are relevant based on your product data which you can strategize better for better results.

You have to set up your Google Shopping feed in your Google merchant center account. You can pull all the product data into Google through the use of an app that connects your online store through Google's Shopping API. All the data will be properly structured to include everything like product images, ratings, and other information. It will automatically update to ensure all your Google Shopping Ads remain correct when they are displayed on Google's SERPs. Google Shopping sends all your product data to Google which does all the rest of the work with the matching of keywords to your products. If you compare this to Adwords in which you will invest time and effort to research the keywords yourself and see the big difference it makes.

5. Benefit from broader reach with Google Shopping Ad

Google Shopping ads don't just appear in Google search results but other platforms, as google has gradually expanded the channels on which Shopping ads are displayed. This means that you have more opportunities to reach potential buyers. Google Shopping ads appear in a variety of places, including:

  • The shopping tab on Google Search
  • Google Images
  • Google Search Partner websites
  • Across the Google Display Network, which includes YouTube and Gmail.

Google Shopping Ads have the potential to reach and appear more than once for a single query. For example, if someone searched for “Head and Shoulders Shampoo,” three of your products may appear: “Head and Shoulders Shampoo,” “Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Wash” and “Head and Shoulders Volumizing Shampoo”. Since Google is doing all the work to choose the keywords for which products to show, you might find that the products might start showing up for related keywords you may have not even guessed. An exact match is not really required and Google is getting smarter about using synonyms properly, making the search flexible.

Final Thoughts

The smartest minds and biggest businesses are all moving their marketing budgets towards Google Shopping Ads. It may be time to make a change and revamp your marketing efforts to stay in trend with your competitors. If you would like to know how Google Shopping ads are set up and what a Shopping campaign might look like for you, contact us today!

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