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Client Brief

TenTabs is a one-stop online shop for all your medical, surgical and laboratory supplies. We ensure access to all of your medical and surgical supplies at your fingertips. Offering a wide range of products from manufacturers at most affordable rates coupled with the ease of online ordering. At TenTabs, each shipment undergoes stringent quality control at every level from order receipt to dispatch. Easy tracking of your shipments assisted by our customer care helpline make your purchases safe and reliable from order placement till completion of delivery.



The main highlight of this project was leveraging the Youtube, Customer acquisition funnel implementation in SEO and Shopping Ads. We took over this project from scratch and did integrated digital marketing systematically. Starting from UI/UX improvements we integrated all Digital Marketing Channels and Tools for effective results.


We defined an SEO strategy having customer acquisition funnel attributes which led to conversions through organic traffic.

Apart from that SEM activity done by the internal team of tentabs was reviewed and a fresh SEM objective and execution plan was defined. ROI with shopping ads was way far better than search ads for this category.

Also, we found that youtube channels are driving traffic and also conversion and hence we wanted to concentrate more on publishing new videos as part of social media activity.


Shopping campaigns set up & optimised from the scratch. We reduced the Pay per click from ₹127 to ₹8 per click just by changing search ads to shopping ads. With regular bid optimization conversion rate got better and better at decreasing cost.

Optimized On-page (Title, Description, keywords & content) to boost SERP. Starting with the Homepage, Category & Individual product pages.

Creatives as per Social Media calendar. Relevant Group sharing for more reach & engagement.

  • Poor navigation: We ensured that the most popular items are easy to find.
  • Poor filtering and sorting: The visitors were overwhelmed with too many options. Now, they are able to filter items and get only those choices that meet their needs.
  • Poor search: Again, ensure that search results are likely to match what people want.
  • The cart and checkout pages were distracting: For best results, make sure each page is focused on the core offer you want to make. That's why we ended up removing navigation and other unnecessary elements on the cart page or checkout pages. And, we've thoroughly checked analytics for the pages to see if anything's stopping people from converting in the shopping process.
  • Another reason why we were experiencing low conversion rates was visitors did not trust us. We uplifted the trust factor of the website by using social proof, including real customer reviews, showing small images of credit cards, PayPal and other payment options as a visual signal for the customer to trust payment options, and using a security badge.
  • Checkout was difficult: We decluttered the checkout pages, added a progress bar in the checkout process, included trust seal, added guest checkout option.
  • There's No Live Chat: Implemented live chat tool.
  • Detailed Product Descriptions were missing: In order to boost SE0 ranking, increase session duration, reduce bounce rate, & increase conversion rate, we did thorough keyword research and infused the most relevant keywords in the content, title, headings, description, meta tags. Based on the previous data, sorted the most selling products and added more useful content to all these product pages.
  • Added a great product return policy.
  • Improve Cart Management: Added in practice to use a persistent cart. This keeps track of Items added to the cart, even if shoppers leave the site and come back later. Made the cart accessible from any page on the site, to show that there are items in the cart.
  • Enabled static Add To Cart and Buy Nast Buttons for the mobile version.
  • Save For Later & Remove options should be there in the Cart Page.



Total Users


Conversion Rate

15 Lakhs


We started with their UX design concept for our mobile application and they were really fast and easy with the final delivery of the project accommodating all the changes we asked for. Later we engaged them for integrated Digital Marketing for and they have shown remarkable results in terms of overall objective such as Digital presence and sales.


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