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Client Brief

The client approached DigitalCrafts to create a strong customer base reach out to potential candidates, and subsequently grow their online sales. The client is a Singapore-based Professional Training & Certification company that specializes in funded & subsidized training for working professionals in Singapore. They offer globally accepted certifications from Google Cloud, Cloudera, Scrum Alliance, and many more; aligned and subsidized with IBF, Skill Ignition SG, Grow with Google, SG United Jobs & Skills, Skill future credit, and UTAP.



The ed-tech client approached Digital Crafts to strategize a robust integrated Digital marketing plan covering all potential digital channels to reach the target audience effectively in a shorter span of time.
We came up with an integrated Digital Marketing plan and the highlights of the plan were the following;

  • Integrate sound digital marketing solutions - Data-driven approach & anticipate opportunities.
  • Robust performance marketing with an increase in conversions with better ROAS.
  • Dominate the digital space with aggressive performance marketing to create a strong positioning and brand recall.
  • Neutralize and Seed Comments to maintain Brand’s Online Reputation
  • High –Performance SEO & Content Marketing strategies. Boost ranking of keywords to stay on top of Google’s search page
  • Have an active social media presence – Effective funnel implementation.


Working for Singapore based IT Professional Training & Certification company that specializes in subsidized training from a Digital Marketing standpoint requires different approaches as compared to other sectors, hence our team of experts put forward their extensive plan to establish the company as a synonym for Singapore government-aided skill & professional training programs.
Our team carried out a detailed audit of the following;

  • Website UI/UX | CRO | Tech SEO | Competitor’s Analysis
  • Performance Marketing audit for last 2 years | Email Campaigns | Chatbot Stats
  • Analyzed GA | GSC | GTM
  • Social Media Analysis | ORM
  • Content & SEO Audit

After a thorough assessment of UI/UX, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media, Online Reputation management, and paid campaigns, the major shortcomings and reasons for low-quality traffic and conversion were following:

  • UI/UX was not as appealing and user-friendly as ed-tech standards and best practices.

Performance Marketing Audit findings;

  • Google Ads - Campaigns Lacked proper theme and structure.
  • Overlapping of audience and Targeted keywords.
  • Ad copies were not appealing.
  • Ads optimization and split tests were not implemented properly.
  • Lacked data-driven and ROI approach.
  • Remarketing campaign missing, audience strategy was not defined.
  • Social Media pages and accounts were deprived of quality posts, content,creatives, and videos.
  • Customer acquisition marketing funnel aspects were missing on all platforms.
  • Online Reputation management did not have any defined SLA and strategy.

SEO challenges;

  • Tech SEO was not implemented properly(Robots, Sitemap, no Index URL, etc.). GA, GSC, GTM, Google Ads, Pixel, and other integration was not set up correctly.
  • ON Page SEO lacked proper keyword research, title, description, URL structure, and content was not SEO friendly.
  • The keywords implemented did not have sufficient potential to trigger a boost in the search results.


With the marketing funnel technique, we started off by making potential prospects become aware of the training programs and the unique benefits our client was offering for Singapore nationals.

Once we had the awareness and reach campaigns operational yielding desired reach and impressions with the desired brand recalls. We launched a series of lead generation/conversion campaigns on all platforms. We started getting leads and we kept optimizing ads on daily basis to ensure the performance gets better with improvement in ROAS. We tried various ad copies and measured the performance of all ad sets and ad copies to finalize the most performing one for the ongoing campaigns.

An effective email campaign was launched to the sourced database of Singapore professionals for all training programs.

As part of our daily optimization, we analyzed the data in detail, moved towards a concrete understanding of consumer’s online search behavior, and accordingly planned our marketing strategies:

  • Successfully launched High-performance ads to yield desired ROAS.
  • Optimised Web UI/UX for a better experience, improve the session rate and convert visitors to leads.
  • Analyzed Search console, Google analytics & tag manager for proper integration. Competitors analysis; Analysed Backlink, Content & keywords, Social Media content, Web UI-UX, live Ads, email marketing, etc
  • Optimized On-page (Title, Description, keywords & content) to boost SERP. Starting with the Homepage & Individual Training pages.
  • Social Media calendar aligned with acquisition funnel. Relevant Group sharing for more reach & engagement.
  • Writing Blogs/Articles based on high-volume relevant trending keywords.
  • Video content strategy - Storytelling - Problems & Solutions.
  • Online Reputation management best practices and processes defined and launched to address concerns and offer necessary solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Quality Leads have been captured - Cost per conversion reduced by 34%
  • Robust performance marketing increased leads by 376% in a span of 3 months.
  • Improve in Organic Traffic from a month on month - 250% increase in organic traffic achieved in a span of 6 months.
  • Leads from organic traffic increased by 328% in a span of 4 months.
  • Decrease in Bounce Rate, improved session rate, and CTR.
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