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Introducing Mom's InstaCook Instant Indian Curry Mixes. It is exactly what you need when you want curry in a hurry. Unlike other masala mixes, Mom's InstaCook is a totally new concept, in frozen form with all key ingredients, ensuring 100% natural taste. Prasad Nutriments is a food processing and manufacturing company having a diverse range of frozen food products.



Required a strong Digital Presence and also a B2B lead generation strategy using Digital Marketing. Also, they needed product market activation using social media targeting metro cities in India.


The name of the brand should relate to the core essence of the product and it should create that strong recall and emotional connect with the prospective users. Later Brand was revitalized with better connect and reach having the new logo with the new Brand modification - MoM's Instacook. Prasad Group having a history of successful Businesses in the teastern part of the country decided to diversify into the food processing industry,and hence started their flagship state of the art food processing plant at Jharkhand capital Ranchi.

In 2019 Prasad group was exploring the domestic and international markets and also researching innovative products that they can launch which can cater to global markets. While reviewing many product ideas from various food industry consultants, they came across the concept of Instant curry mix proposed by venture transform strategy consulting.


They created a robust website and social media presence with loaded search engine optimization techniques. Social media outreach was exceptional and it generated very good engagement and leads. B2B demand generation was achieved as per set goals. They started with a detailed audit and assessment of our digital presence and later framed a detailed plan.

They started with the UX design of our corporate site and then executed in totality with curated content and creatives for website with all desired user interface.

They aligned SEO techniques to the website to make it search friendly on google and other search engines. later they created a strong social media presence with a curated content startegy.

To make ready to mix curry which can be used instantly to prepare diverse Indian cuisines in very less time without having any expertise. The pain it was solving for the working class who wants to cook a healthy meal at home without much hassle. Also, the instant curry mix will have a perfect blend of all high-quality ingredients cooked to perfection for a memorable taste and experience with added health benefits. The cooking process using these instant curry mixes will be so easy that it practically requires no expertise and also it saves the time of sourcing and storage of fresh ingredients.


Brand name finalized after various round of brainstorming and storyboarding process is MOM's with a tagline Instant curry mix.


We started reviewing many packet designs but could not find anything relevant for a smart adaptation. Later we realized to keep the background white having fresh ingredients as the background. We created a compelling front side of the packet showing the product and its relevant uses and backside having all technical details, user instruction and company details. Idea was to showcase all essential communication in a very easy to read uncluttered format and we achieved that after 4 iterations. These creatives with strong content worked really exceptional reaching out to huge numbers organically. We were able to generate enough inquiries about the brand much before the launch.


Social Media Activation and Paid campaign fetched us a overall sales of 14000 USD in only three months of their execution. The website is getting good B2B leads consistently and helping us growing our network.

Sense of responsibility and eager to listen to your needs and constantly showing interest in your changing requirements and concerns. Very good systems and processes. High performance team with an effective result driven approach."

- Rishabh Prasad
- Prasad Nutriments Private Limited

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