10 Tips To Grow Your Brand On Social Media Organically

28th May. 2021

Social media today has changed our lives for so many reasons. Every age, group, and gender wants in on the action. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are all highly active social media networks. Likewise, social media helps to gain recognition for many businesses today.

Having an amazing social media presence can help your business grow like wildflowers in today's world. But this can happen only after gaining a large following and learning how to give your right audience what they are looking for. Here are a few tips to grow your brand on social media.

1. Identify Goals and Objectives

The first and most major step is to identify your goals and objectives for growing your social media presence. In other words, it is important to make sure you know what you are going after - before you start making your posts. Make sure you know which platforms work best for your business, what audiences you can reach where, and what your objectives are that will ensure you have a great start.


2. Include the Icons on Your Website

Include your social media icons on your website. This makes it way easier for the audience visiting your website who will like your content and want to follow you. Don't make them track you down- make it simple for them to connect with you.

3. Share with Everyone

Sharing your social media accounts with everyone you know is another tip to grow your brand on social media. Try not to be spammy. But by also keeping in mind not to be afraid to share your content. Following this step will help people know about your social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This is a simple way of getting the word out.

4. Create an Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy

To make sure your social media network serves a purpose, you need to develop a strategy. One way of ensuring this is to start making a social media marketing calendar. A marketing calendar helps you stay organized and understand how each social media account will bring more untapped sectors to your business.


5. Produce Valuable Content

Producing valuable content is one of the most important tips to grow your brand on social media. It isn't enough to promote good content only in your blogs but also on social media. If you have the best content it helps showcase your business and website and brings in more customers and money too!

6. Engage with Everyone

Engaging with your audience is another way to help grow your business. Mark a day in your calendar for interacting with your audience and answering all their questions and replying to their comments. This way you will learn what your audience expects from your brand. Gather valuable information and feedback to improve your content. You need to let your audience know that you are listening to them and posting what they want.

7. Optimize your Social Media Accounts

Optimize your social media accounts. In other words, start using related keywords. Use keywords that are in your business area. Think from your customers' perspective at what they are looking up on Google or any other search engines, and use those keywords in your posts.

8. Consistently Post at a Comfortable Rate

Visiting a blog and knowing that it hasn't been updated can get frustrating. You need to start posting your content at a comfortable rate on social media. There are many tools for example like Hootsuite that help with scheduling your posts in advance so that you do not have to leave your audience hanging.

9. Ask Clients to Share and Connect

Another way of growing your audience on social media is to just sometimes ask your clients or followers and maybe even potential clients to share and connect with your social media content or networks, you just might be able to bring in more fans. Again. Don't feel shy, because this too is a great tip that helps to grow your brand on social media.


10. Give them a Reason

Give your audience a reason to like your page and follow you on social media. Show them that you will be posting often and make sure to post interesting content to keep them engaged. This will give them more reason to engage with you.

Final Thoughts

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